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Oct.06, 2023: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving approaches this weekend and we count our gratitude and blessings for the things we have received this year. It is a time when families come together and express their appreciation for the people in their lives. A holiday centred on embracing the warmth and love around them.

Whenever Thanksgiving approaches we take that into special consideration when making our arrangements. Keeping the arrangements on a cozier scale for dinner tables to make a statement, but not distract from the dinner itself or impede interactions between people. We also have our unique take on the traditional cornucopia, this year Lena has emulated the essence of abundance through pumpkin floral centrepieces.

We at Lena’s Floral Designs would like to express our thanks for this year and for all the people who have supported us. Thank you so much and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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